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We create high quality video content, hand crafted to your needs.

Kinolux Productions is a video production company specialising in promotional, commercial and corporate videos for all types of clients. Our job is to deliver top quality video products to every client. Our crew has the creative mind and the technical background to produce tailored video content specifically to your needs. Our 1 on 1 service provides each client with bespoke videos that truly represents their ideas. ‍      ‍
We provide our clients with the full production package, this includes video recording, high quality external sound recording and syncing. We are responsible for developing the initial concept, storyboarding, filming, editing and colour correction, all to be delivered in a ‘one piece’ package.
Our aim is to make the best out of what we have and always strive for high quality over quantity. We allow the client to have their final say and any notes or changes that they may have. We are truly passionate about what we do and love working with our clients and by keeping them satisfied with the video service we provide.
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